Beware if you kiss your chicks and duckling

beware when kiss your chick

Chicks and duckling are cute when we look. Feels like kiss and indulge. But do you know that salmonella bacteria can be spread from baby poultry to humans through you kiss them.

What is salmonella bacteria?

Most people are confused about salmonella and wonder if it is a virus or salmonella bacteria that affects the body. Salmonella is most definitely a bacteria and it becomes clear when it begins to affect either an animal or a person. Birds, reptiles, flies and rats can carry salmonella bacteria and it is very contagious. When any animal has this type of bacteria it can spread it by nasal secretions, dust that comes from their coats or feathers and also from eliminations. The bacterium dries and contaminates an entire area. Any person or animal can ingest this potentially harmful substance and become infected with salmonella bacteria.

These bacteria spread trough animals like chicks and duckling to humans. But what you should know is that this virus does not cause disease in animals, but causes serious diseases to humans, especially children and immune-compromised people.

Those who experience this infection typically experience stomach cramps, fever and diarrhea. However, this infection can spread to the bloodstream causing severe disease which is imported and sometimes fatal disease.

Therefore, you can prevent this disease in the following ways:

1. Do not eat, drink or smoke while handling birds, bird cages or equipment.

2. Always wash your hands with hot, soapy water after handling cages, equipment and the stool of birds.

3. Keep the birds outside.

4. Follow instructions from your veterinarian concerning proper diet and environment for your chicks. Healthy chicks and ducklings living in proper environments are less likely to shed Salmonella bacteria.

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