How to reduce baby sleep problems

baby sleep problems
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Many of parents have a difficult time when they got a baby especially when get first baby. So many things to do like changing pampers, make a milk for baby, feed a baby and much more. But, one thing where it`s a big problem to parent when baby get sleep problem.

As you know the newborn baby need sleep 16 hours a day and maybe more than 16 hours. But, fews of a baby have a problem to sleep. According from research one of 10 kids under age 3 such as six, 12, 24 and 36 months old have a sleep problem like a nightmare, walkings, trouble falling or an inability to sleep in the bed. If we don’t solve about this problem maybe your baby not enough to sleep.

What happen if your baby sleep deprivation?

1. Baby hard to wake-up from sleep.

2. Hardly to wake-up in the morning.

3. Rubbing eyes, pulling at ears.

4. The babies becoming more active as the night wears on.

5. The babies losing to interact to the people and less to play the toys.

Now, we know baby sleep problems and as you can see the problem actually same to adult sleep problem. Have many ways to help baby sleep properly and stay asleep.

How to reduce baby sleep problems?

1. Find where can baby sleeps best.

  • Nothing wrong or right place for baby to sleep. Maybe you can put the baby in their on the bassinet or crib in the parents’ bedroom, sometimes parents prefer more to co-sleeper arrangement. Don`t worry because you can arrangements at various stages during the infant`s first two years.

2. Warm bath and massage your baby.

  • Another tip you can do is give baby a warm bath and after the finish from bath massage your baby to relax tense muscle and busy minds. Be careful when to massage.

3. Walking or rocking your baby.

  • Why not you try to walk your baby in their room before baby sleep, rocking in the bassinet, patting at your baby back or try singing a few songs or praying.

4. Make baby bedroom in quiet.

  • Fews of the baby can awaken easily with sudden noises. What you need to do is stay away from the dog barks, ringer off or silent phone, oil the joints and springs of squeaky crib.

5. Playing music to sleep.

  • Last tips to baby sleep problems is playing music to sleep with the continuous – play tape recording of your baby`s favorite lullabies. With this you do not to wake-up to play again the tape. Try playing music medley of your own lullabies.

Many tips you can try to reduce baby sleep problems. If this problem takes a long time to solved why not you see a specialist. He knows everything to do to help you.

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