How to relieve baby gas

how to relieve baby gas

Each moms need to know how to relieve baby gas after breast-feeding or when the baby a lot of burping and excessive crying. If you don`t know to do maybe you baby in big trouble. Indiana hoosiers mens basketball tickets

What causes gas in babies?

Many causes gas in babies but I tell several of that.

1. Newborn baby take more air through the mouth while feeding.

2. When baby crying will gulp loads of air and can cause cramping and gassiness.

3. Mom or baby taken any medication.

4. The gas can be found in breast milk or mil formula from result of digesting proteins, lactose and other nutrient.

How to relieve baby gas?

In this video it`s teach you how to relieve baby gas. This is important for your baby. Michigan wolverines mens basketball tickets

If it`s not working you should to meet or call the doctor. Michigan state spartans mens basketball tickets Indiana Hoosiers basketball and Michigan State Spartans as well as University of Michigan seats, maps, directions and venue information.

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