Mental illness – What is it ???

mental illness
What is mental illness?

Mental illness is a disease involving a disturbance in brain function may result in changes to the process of thinking, feeling and behavior which disrupts a person to do daily activities very well.

According to World Health Organisation, mental illness becomes the second largest cause of death and disability in the year 2020. At this time, from epilepsy to mental illness depressi affect more than 400 million people worldwide. It covers 45 million people with schizophrenia.
In general, mental illness can be divided into three main groups:

1. Neurosis.
2. Psychosis.
3. Personality disorders.

Mental diseases occur due to several factors, among which are:

1. Genetic factors.
2. Interference of chemicals in the brain.
3. Virus infection.
4. Life history.
5. Socio-economic conditions poor.

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